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Steve writes about the strategic contribution HR can make to aid growth and transition in SME's in April's HR BUZZ. 

Law Update

  • The unfair dismissal qualifying period Has increased to 2 years for new starters from 6.4.12
  • Outline plans for charging fees for taking a claim to an employment tribunallikely to take effect from July 2013 on a sliding scale:
    • Simple claims: £160 to issue proceedings & additional £230 to take to a hearing
    • More complex claims: £250 to issue proceedings & additional £950 for a hearing

These charges are designed to deter opportunistic claims and place impetus on settling simple claims before proceedings start.

  • TUPE scope is under review. It’s likely that this will be narrowed, repealing the law making service provision changes subject to TUPE. This will have significant impact during the tender process for service providers and for services staff who will no longer have TUPE protection.

  • Compromise agreements are to be replaced by Settlement agreements from the summer of 2013. Key points are likely to include the  ability for either party to propose, offer details being set out in writing, minimum of 7 days to consider the offer, reasons for the agreement being proposed, right to be accompanied by a work colleague & employer finds an alternative resolution if settlement approach fails.


     The rules on redundancy consultation are being simplified so only one consultation exercise will be required. Also collective consultations involving 100+ at risk employees have been reduced from 90 to 45 days.

     The right to unpaid paternity leave increased to 18 weeks from March 2013.


Useful Web sites

We provide some useful links we use on a regular basis as sources of further information relating to Human Resources:

State pension retirement date on the rise.

The state pension age is set to rise for claiming state pensions.  The government’s plan is to link state pension date to increasing life expectancy over time.  Additionally there are plans to equalise the date for both men and women.  These increases will steadily increase over time based on birth age.

Some key milestones being:

  • Women to move progressively to 65 years by 2018
  • Plan to equalise retirement date to 66 years by 2020 for men and women
  • Those starting work today aged 18 likely to retire at age 72
  • Those born after millennium likely to retire aged 73 years.

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