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Team Events: Tools & techniques.

We have a range of proven tools and techniques that we use for shaping team development events.Our approach is to understand the outcomes desired from the event and to use tools and techniques that work from our extensive experience of running these events.


Beginnings and ice breakers:

  • Personal introductions
  • Personal outcomes
  • Ice Breakers
  • Contracting Ground rules.

Celebrating difference through Psychometric Preference instruments:

Myers Briggs preference instrument – A self- awareness tool designed to share style preferences.
Kilman Conflict Instrument – A tool to look at differing preferences of team members to resolve differences.

Team Management profile – Highlighting the team preferences of individuals and the shared style preferences required to create high performing teams

Team Skills & Capabilities:

  • Sharing skills and experiences.
  • Capturing likes and dislikes

Team Focussed

  • Wisdom from the past
  • Rating team effectiveness
  • Characteristics of a high performing team – What good looks like.
  • Team values
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Team SPOT [Strengths, Problems, Opportunities & Threats.]

Aligning to Business goals:

  • Team cover story vision – Envisioning future successes
  • Team vision – Getting consensus on vision themes
  • 5 Bold Steps – Agreeing common initiatives to drive the team plans.

Next Steps:

  • How we work going forward
  • Action planning
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Agreeing follow ups.

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