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Characteristics of high performing teams:

  • A clear sense of direction with a shared purpose
  • Capable team with the competencies and talent to accomplish goals.
  • Clear and enticing responsibilities
  • Efficient team processes for communicating, meeting, decision making etc.
  • Constructive interpersonal relationships
  • Team member recognition and reward
  • Constructive key stakeholder relationships

Stages of Team Development

  • Forming: a group of people come together to accomplish a shared purpose.
  • Storming: Disagreement about priorities and approaches combined with the fact that team members are getting to know each other can cause strained relationships and conflict.
  • Norming: The team has consciously or unconsciously formed working relationships that are enabling progress on team objectives.
  • Performing: Relationships, team processes, and the team’s effectiveness in working on its objectives are synchronising to bring about a successfully functioning team.
  • Transforming: The team is performing so well that members believe it is the most successful team they have experienced; or

    Ending: The team has completed its mission or purpose and it is time for the team to break up to pursue other goals or projects.

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