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Building High Performing Teams

What makes a high performing team?

Teams and team working represent very powerful mechanisms for Organisations to get results and achieve significant change. High performing teams are seen to be those that can establish a shared vision through which they deliver results that are aligned to key business goals and priorities.

Typically teams go through different stages of team development; each stage presenting challenges for groups of people striving to successfully work together as a cohesive group to deliver these results. Teams can get stuck in this process and the contribution and differing styles of individual team members may not be fully understood or appreciated.

This is where external team facilitation can be very effective in helping the team to work through team blockages and speeding up the process of delivering high performing teams.

What are the benefits of team development?

  • Better team performance and results
  • More effective use of time and resources
  • Motivated teams who know they impact business results
  • Superior decision-making
  • Improved team dynamics and communication
  • Reduced conflict, improved morale

What is our offering?

We recognise that teams are different and need to work through their shared agenda collectively. Our role in this process is to provide facilitation and team development interventions that enable clients to transform team performance quickly.

These include:

  • Workshops purely focused on looking at team member’s styles, capabilities and preferences.
  • Workshops focused on aligning team goals and priorities with those of the organisation.
  • Workshops focused on managing change.
  • Workshops focused on a combination of the above to boost team performance and accelerate results.

What does a typical team development programme look like?


Individual programmes are shaped around the outcomes sought by the team. The role of the leader is critical in this process and we work with team leaders in advance of shaping a programme to ensure that there is clarity around what the programme is seeking to achieve. Sharing and agreeing workshop outcomes is an important pre-requisite to each programme. There may also be some pre and post workshop material for participants to complete.

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