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Outplacement Support:

What is Outplacement?

Employees displaced from their jobs for whatever reason find the experience harrowing. This is a time when they need to come to terms with their feelings about it and to focus all their energies in the right way. Outplacement is practical support designed to help people who have to leave a Company through either redundancy or severance to move on from the experience and use the services of an experienced HR professional to move to the next stage of their career. It is designed to help people through either individual or large scale job loss.

Why use Outplacement?

All companies face having to manage the consequences of change at some stage; whether this is on a large scale or just affecting a few individuals. Handling this situation well will have a significant bearing on your corporate brand and on your credibility as an employer with those remaining with the business as well as those leaving. Using Outplacement to support those directly affected by the Change can help smooth the process for all involved.

For those moving on, Outplacement helps people come to terms with the shock of losing their job and helps them in a highly practical way to prepare for the next stage of their career. It can include thinking of new directions as well as preparing themselves for the job market.

Redundancy has an impact on employees remaining with the Company. Seeing displaced colleagues receiving positive productive support significantly reduces the anxiety of this impact.

What is the service being offered?

Our service can be tailored to your requirements and includes the following:

  1. One day Workshop & Workbook

Research indicates that a well-planned job search can significantly reduce time between jobs. The workshop and workbook have been designed to provide support through this process. This comprises of a series of exercises and supporting material within the workbook, split into the following sections:

  • Where am I now? - Self-reflection exercises to think through recent and long term past.
  • Where do I want to get to? - Where to take one’s career.
  • How do I get there? - Providing practical support through the job search.
  1. Psychometric Reports: A range of instruments on offer designed to help establish style preferences at work. (Note this can be incorporated into a 2 day Workshop along with 1 above.
  2. Individually tailored support: Covering job search, CV and interview preparation.
  3. On-going telephone and e-mail support.

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