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Our coaching service is based on a highly collaborative approach using listening, questioning, appreciative enquiry and reflection to create highly effective conversations and experiences for our clients helping them to tap into and stretch their skills, insights, ideas and capabilities. Coaching interventions can range from one or two focused sessions to a six month programme depending on what is most appropriate to meet agreed goals.

Who benefits from coaching?

  • A manager in an SME seeking to manage continued organisation change and growth
  • A leader seeking to become more strategic, plan more effectively, communicate and run teams more effectively
  • A manager being groomed for Senior Management needing to gain experience and additional skills
  • Someone with relationship issues impacting colleagues at work
  • Organisations seeking to align key management behaviours to a core set of values.

Our Coaching principles.

  • Establish clear outcomes for the coaching assignment
  • Maintain a commitment to support the coachee
  • Build the coaching relationship based on openness & trust.
  • Coachee accepts responsibility for the results generated
  • Coachee is capable of better results than current
  • The focus is on what the coachee feels and experiences
  • The coachee can generate great solutions
  • The conversation is based on equality

Coaching in SME’s

Coaching can be a highly effective form of development in SME’s where managers can find themselves having to deal with significant change they have not experienced before as a consequence of successful growth of the business. Research indicates Managers are far more likely to be successful when using coaching to help build skills and work through new situations.


Our mentoring service is closely aligned to our coaching service, mainly differentiated through its longer term basis of providing support. Typically our mentoring service takes one of the following paths:

  • Either as an extension of the coaching relationship supporting a Leader in the context of their organisation.
  • Or supporting a HR professional to develop their skills and areas of impact in an SME environment.

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