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We offer a range of services tailored to supporting individuals at work in areas where we possess and have acquired demonstrable skills and expertise.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring support apply similar skills and approaches; the distinction between them is that:

Coaching: Is more short term having a specific and tightly focused goal.

Mentoring: Is based on a longer term relationship where the emphasis is on supporting Executives focused on career and personal development.

Our services focus on supporting Executives within the context of their organisation and team using a range of tools, techniques and psychometric instruments

Benefits: Our experience is that supporting executives through these programmes helps them significantly in:

  • Leadership and Team development
  • Development for promotion
  • Establishing themselves in a new role
  • Managing change and complexity


Workplace conflict can be both very costly for Companies and highly disruptive and stressful for those involved and their respective colleagues.  A recent CIPD survey highlights mediation as a highly cost effective fast way to resolve workplace conflicts whilst retaining the goodwill of all affected by it. 

We have a well-structured methodology based on best practice for getting to the heart of the issues quickly in a confidential sensitive manner, getting to positive outcomes for those involved.  It can be applied to many situations including: relationship breakdowns, incompatible working styles or personalities, perceived discrimination, bullying or harassment, opposing targets and underperformance to name but a few. 

Benefits: Using an Independent mediator is a speedy, highly cost effective and stress relieving intervention to resolve such disputes and to improve relationships at work. 

We offer a mediation service, sensitive to the parties involved observing best practice process.


Our workplace Investigations service is provided in situations where there is a real benefit to bring in an Independent Investigator to examine formal complaints or allegations at work.  These may relate to

grievances, disciplinary, whistle blowing or employment issues. 

Using an external investigator provides independence and impartiality through an experienced investigator enabling cases to be progressed speedily and without distraction.


Employees identified as being at risk of redundancy can find the experience harrowing; this being at a time when they need to come to terms with their feelings and focus their energy on their job search. Companies providing support to such employees can go a long way towards helping them come to terms with their situation. Additionally, redundancy has an impact with the employees remaining within the business. Seeing the redundancy process being managed fairly and support provided to those displaced, significantly reduces this impact. Experience shows redundant employees gain greater benefit through using an independent resource for job search support, as they are detached from the company redundancy selection process.


HR Potential can provide a highly cost effective programme of support for redundant employees.

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