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Leading transformation change

HR Potential works with clients to lead transformational changeby providing hands-on leadership support in the form of processes, tools and methodologies that enable the achievement of change goals at the right pace and with tightly managed risks.

"People don't resist change. They resist being changed!" Peter Senge

Leaders with experience of delivering transformational change understand the difficulty of successfully implementing new ways of working. It requires strong sponsorship, a determined team of people dedicated to make change happen with effective change management skills. Experts in Change management confirm a number of factors around managing Organisation Change

Our consultants have extensive experience of leading transformational change and effectively managing the associated successful execution. We have experience of managing Change throughout our careers and use this to support clients through:

  • The design, implementation and oversight of major Change projects, encompassesing Programme Management design and governance, designing and shaping the change, establishing effective accountabilities across the programme, applying fit for purpose project methodologies, capturing benefits realisation and managing risk.
  • Establishing effective holistic Programme Governance and tracking across all HR Change initiatives. Frequently HR initiates projects in a piecemeal way which lacks buy-in, prioritisation and rigour with Line colleagues. We support HR teams to implement a single consistent process through which HR initiatives can be properly sized, evaluated and approved by senior stakeholders, planned, executed, tracked and closed with clearly defined benefits realisation.
  • Working on activities requiring Change Leaders or support Change Leaders; including taking up Interim assignments to support clients.

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