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HR Potential works with clients to provide rigour in defining and developing business critical skills and behaviour for leaders and key talent groups.

“A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.” Wolfgang von Goethe

Through our work with different clients we recognise that the concept of talent management can be viewed from a number of different perspectives.   At the cores, however is a simple truth that Organisations’ need good people who can perform and deliver results. Ensuring such people are available now and in the future is the key to achieving sustainable performance. This means paying attention to what needs to be done and importantly also paying attention to how it is done.


Our expertise is built on a deeply diagnostic approach on assessing whether talent management is contributing to the necessary development of leadership and the key talent segments required by our clients. With a breadth of experience spanning SME’s to complex, multinational organisations we work with leaders and functional experts to tailor talent management approaches that make a difference at an individual, team and organisational level.


Examples of our work with clients to navigate such challenges include:

  • Improving executive leadership team effectiveness through facilitating enhanced collaboration around development of the strategic agenda and personal development including 360 degree feedback.
  • Accelerating the performance transformation of a technology business through targeted leadership development and technical capability building.
  • Implementing a new talent process to enable clear differentiation of talent at all levels of the organisations through more rigorous review of performance, potential and commitment.
  • Coaching Leaders around critical skills and behaviours to enhance their contribution using psychometric Instruments to aid self-awareness and building high performance.

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