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HR Potential supports clients by building management capability in creating the conditions and environment that promotes highly engaged self-directed employees who understand performance expectations in the context of strategic goals.

“If communication isn’t your top priority, all of your other priorities are at risk.” Bob Aronson.

It is now well understood that employers want highly engaged employees because they deliver improved business performance. A Government commissioned report in 2010, (MacLeod review,) provided a raft of evidence inextricably linking high levels of employee engagement with achievement of commercial and organisation objectives.   Further studies also show that customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked to employee satisfaction highlighting the importance of these critical criteria. We recognise that it is essential for the Organisation to define its purpose, goals and values in a way that provides meaning for those who work in the business. The next level of work is to engage employees in a way where they feel compelled to make a contribution to that business success through enriched work, opportunities to make a difference and being recognised.

Our approach is to develop coherent engagement strategies which lead to employees choosing to take a more self-directed approach to their work and how they are valued within the culture. We have experience of supporting clients through:  


  • A diagnostic review to establish the effectiveness of employee engagement & motivation.
  • Providing Customised Employee and Management Opinion surveys.
  • Building effective Communications strategies that focus on strengthening two way communications.
  • Providing Line Management training & coaching to embrace best practice & associated skills.
  • Recommending approaches designed to maintaining employee engagement through times of significant Change e.g. downsizing or offshoring.

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