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Reinforcing values and behaviours:

HR Potential works with clients to reinforce company values and behaviours through developing a coordinated approach that ensures each element of culture complements and strengthens employee understanding of what’s required to succeed.

“Culture doesn’t change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organisation is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day” Frances H

The importance of aligning culture with strategic intent is widely understood. A culture that supports a company’s strategy can be a real growth accelerator capable of delivering sustainable long term success. Unfortunately the opposite can be true and performance can dip significantly where a company’s culture and strategy are misaligned. The role culture plays in achieving company goals is clear to many leaders however moving the culture of a company to the desired state can be a daunting task.


Our approach to culture change is based on identifying and understanding the forces that shape the attitudes, traits and behavioural patterns that influence how people interact and perform within the organisation. The process of developing such understanding provides insight into the formal and informal pragmatic actions necessary to shift mid-sets and promote performance enhancing behaviours and the appropriate sequencing of those actions.


Our work with clients includes:

  • Building a strong customer ethos and orientation into a business culture
  • Strengthening the culture around building a stronger governance and control environment in HR.
  • Developing a “no blame” learning culture to accelerate and support transformational change.

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