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Reducing HR costs and improving experience

HR Potential supports clients through developing and implementing holistic cost reduction programmes aligned to business strategy and goals.

“There is one rule for the industrialist, make the best quality goods or services at the lowest cost” Henry Ford.

People are typically an organisations single biggest expense and the current economic climate increases the focus on ensuring this investment delivers value. HR Transformation focuses on a review of the way in which HR delivers its services to the business, targeting tangible cost savings whilst evaluating the capabilities and business benefits across each of the core service lines.


We focus on how HR can reduce its operating costs by prioritising HR activity that is critical to the business. This includes a review of both fixed and variable costs and a look at how core HR administration activities can be streamlined through a lean process review and optimised through the use of technology. We also look at the relationship with vendors including renegotiating existing contracts, consolidation, (eg: recruitment,) and outsourcing/off shoring.


We have experience of a wide range of service offerings designed to reduce costs whilst adding business value including:

  • Holistic review of optimal service & cost model for delivering HR services aligned to corporate strategy
  • Overall review of people related costs across the Business to highlight prioritised cost saving initiatives.
  • Benefit options for right shoring of HR Services including Insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring decisions and implementations.
  • Design of holistic HR technology solutions & selection of appropriate partners to deliver.
  • Creation and streamlining of HR Shared Service Centres.

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