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Competitive advantage through critical capabilities

HR Potential works with clients to strengthen competitiveness by defining and systematically developing the organisational capabilities required to provide a differentiated customer value proposition.

“We can become successful only on the basis of our capabilities and qualities” Sam Veda

Most leaders “know” what their organisation needs to be good at in order to service their customers effectively and profitably. The real challenge comes in understanding the constructs of such capabilities in sufficient detail to enable their systematic development. So, the best leaders know the Importance of taking the time to get that the key to competitive advantage is taking the time to g this process right and the need to commit resources to strengthen competitive capabilities to the required level for current and future success.


Our consultants have deep experience of defining and developing organisation capabilities. They have both the diagnostic and development skills to help define and build core capabilities such as leadership and also those which are more unique to the organisation and therefore truly differentiating. We recognise the need for clear and strong linkage between business strategy and the operational capabilities necessary to deliver planned performance. The starting point is always therefore to understand the reality of what the organisation aims to achieve in the context of what the organisation is currently capable of achieving. The insights gained from this process informing the design of development actions to close the gap.


The methodology we use is based on developing a consensus based detailed understanding of the capabilities required for success, completing a broad based assessment of the current state, establishing quantitative and qualitative performance measures, facilitating cross-functional development planning, taking focused action and monitoring success.

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