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Developing people related insights and managing risks

HR Potential supports clients through generating actionable business insights at an organisational level based on HR analytics and an effective people risk framework.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine,” Peter Sondergaard

Businesses constantly have to make important decisions about their people. The quality and speed of these can determine the organisation’s ability to compete effectively and manage cost challenges. Leveraging workforce information to underpin these decisions is vital. By applying a range of analytical techniques to your existing workforce data, you can address the most pressing workforce and business issues.

HR data has traditionally been collected for administrative rather than evaluation purposes and the function has not always had the skills or resources for diagnostic interpretation and evaluation.

Similarly HR has been keen not to be seen as a control function and yet HR has a critical Regulator role to perform to ensure there is a framework for managing people risks to meet regulatory, statutory, policy and other people related risks. Wherever possible these are embedded in the form of key controls to HR processes and can be reported on through a HR dashboard.

Our approach is to establish a HR metrics framework and risk assessment approach which generates powerful value added insights. Our work with clients includes:

  • A review of existing HR reporting and the creation of a set of key Business metrics required by leaders.
  • Establishing regular reporting to establish a HR dashboard measured against agreed service levels – HR Management Information pack.
  • Establishing regular compliance reporting around People related risks.
  • Conducting audits on the effectiveness of the People Risk framework and its Operational controls.
  • Establishing/reviewing an effective HR Risk Framework across all service lines & HR vendors.
  • Conducting strategic Risk reviews – People Principal Risks
  • Carrying out operational risk reviews to validate the effectiveness of the operational processes & controls.

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