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HR potential is a Human Resources and Management Consultancy which works with clients to create and deliver outstanding results to complex challenges. Since its formation in 2000, HR Potential consultants have provided pragmatic human resources and management solutions to organisations ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to blue-chip global corporations. In fact, our ability to understand business challenges and create relevant and aligned actions that make a real difference in a variety of contexts defines how we work. 


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Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy influences how we work with clients and is based on four management principles:

  • Our agenda is always our client’s agenda and our focus is always on helping the client achieve success even when this requires having difficult conversations.
  • Paying attention to the business context, clarifying goals, stakeholder contracting and agreeing clear outcomes is a prerequisite to developing effective solutions.
  • Engaging and developing people through involving them in developing and delivering the solutions that impact them is the way to achieve sustainable business performance.
  • Creating operational excellence requires maintaining a goals focus, addressing operational realities, being sensitive to people and culture, and executing plans effectively.

Our Customers

We recognise our customers want:

  • More value for less costs.
  • A focus on doing the right things.
  • Coherent integrated value added solutions.
  • Actions that make a difference to customers.
  • Sustainable performance.

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